We live and farm in the beautiful Creston Valley located in the southern interior Kootenay region of BC, Canada. With most of us being born and raised in and around Creston, and having friends

and family nearby, there is no other place we would rather be.

Our farm is relatively small compared to the common ranch, our

own breeding stock consists of an Angus based herd of 70 cows,

60 ewes and 3 sows. Being small ensures that personal care is

given to each and every animal.

The extended growing season here benefits many types of farmers.  Creston is recognized for the numerous varieties of fruit covering

the hills and lush valley bottom covered with a variety of crops. 


Our animals graze in lush pastures most of the year, supplemented during the winter months with homegrown alfalfa/grass hay.  We produce “Gourmet Grass Finished” beef and lamb, which means that their diet is strictly grass and hay for their entire life, and no

grain is used to finish. This is proven to be a healthier choice in

beef and lamb meat. For information please see the beef tab or

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Kootenay Natural Meats is a subsidiary of Goat River Farms Ltd.  We grow and harvest our own hay and manage our own pastures.  We use low stress management and our animals not kept in confined spaces.  We adhere to strict herd health protocol, as set out by the Verified Beef Program of BC.  Our animals are handled with care, as farming and raising animals is our livelihood and not just a business. Our focus has been to raise all of our animals including our sheep, pigs and cow herd to a point where we can offer a quality product, and are proud to be able to share it with you, and to support the locally grown food initiatives thus reducing the carbon footprint.

Join the progression of people who choose to eat healthier and buy local, naturally grown, farm raised product.  Be assured that your meat has no added hormones or antibiotics, and is raised with care. Enjoy a fresh product that is healthier for you, knowing where your meat comes from and how it is raised.

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