Buy Direct – options include: 

Side of Beef (subject to availability) 
Price per pound is based on hanging carcass side weight before cutting, boning & trimming  
(avg. 320lbs). Yield to the customer is approximately 65% of side weight (avg. 205lbs) under normal cutting instructions.
Please refer to the cutting chart below for cutting options, and reference as to what cuts are available in a side of beef. 

1/2 Side of Beef

A package containing approximately 100lb of beef and contain a bit of everything you would receive in a side: variety of T-bone steaks, rib steaks, sirloin steaks, sirloin tip roast, round steaks, round roasts, cross rib and rump roasts, short ribs, ground beef in 1-1/2lb packages, and stewing beef. Price per pound is final cut & wrapped weight.


Freezer Sampler Packs

Sampler packages are either 30lb or 65lb and contain a little bit of everything you would receive in a side: variety of steaks and roasts, plus stewing beef, short ribs and ground beef in 1-1/2lb packages. Price per pound is final cut & wrapped weight.



We offer several options to choose from. All packages come cut, wrapped and frozen. Free delivery within the Kootenays




   Price*    Approx Total
  “Gourmet Grass Finished”  Side ** limited supply 320 lb $4.95/lb $1584.00
  “Gourmet Grass Finished”  1/2 Side 98 lb $8.20/lb $803.00
   Sampler Pack + 65 lb $8.25/lb $536.00
   Sampler Pack 30 lb $8.40/lb $252.00
Lean Ground Beef 1-1/2 lb packages $8.00/lb    
Burger Patties   Please ask  
Sausages/Smokies/Pepperoni      Please ask     
Soup Bones (great for soups or dog treats)  
Included  with sides
sold separately for $3.00/lb
**Note: Prices include cut & wrap and delivery to Creston, Nelson, Rossland & Cranbrook.

*Prices are subject to change.  Totals and weights are approximate only.

A typical cutting chart for sides:


The most tender cuts include: 
Prime Rib
Boneless or bone-in roasts or steaks 
Sirloin       Boneless or bone-in roasts or steaks

Loin        Boneless New York (strip Loin) & Tenderloin, or bone-in Porterhouse, Wing, and T-bones.


Medium-tender cuts include: 
  Boneless or bone-in Cross Rib and Blade Roasts, and/or Blade Steaks 
Hip         Rump, Sirloin Tip & Baron of Beef Roasts, or Sirloin Tip Steaks

*we recommend blade to be ground 



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